Our team makes your dreams come true - as long as your dream relates to trees or hedges, and not winning the lottery!

Here is our TreeMenders Tree Surgery Team extra-ordinaire

Andrew Harris aka FatBear - Owner/ Director

Andrew studied arboriculture and horticulture at Sparsholt College of Agriculture and still keeps the contacts.

He formed TreeMenders over ten years ago and offers a personal, friendly service to all customers large and small (sounds like a James Herriot book). He believes passionately in excellent customer service and is very proud and privileged to work with a group of guys who love their industry and feel the same way.  He will ask you many questions (sometimes more than that!) and work with you to undertand your aims.

Be warned, Andrew can talk the hind leg off several donkeys!! Don't mention vinyl records, old vehicles or why technology is wrong ......otherwise he'll be there for dinner.



Our son Kern is another Director and the right arm of the business. Kern studied Arboriculture and Horticulture at Sparsholt completing his course with distinction.  He joined TreeMenders full time in Sep 2009 and is now counting the days until Andrew retires and he takes over.  He suffers a little from OCD, so rest assured your garden will be left immaculate, but don't be shocked if you see all the daffodils facing the same way!  He will often be the one dragging Andrew away from a customer who's eyes are beginning to glaze over at another of Andrew's intereting anecdotes. Besides trees, Kern's other passsion is snowboarding, spending every moment he can on the slopes ; he's been to Canada, Austria, France, Italy ....Japan is his dream destination.

Richard Collis (Team Leader) - Richard joined us in 2009 after completing the Arboriculture course again, at Sparsholt.   Rich has sported many a range (or mange if you prefer) of beards - one of which is shown here.  Rich is extreemly keen to please and can get a little over excited - He is not to be given orange Smarties or fizzy pop.  He's a keen golfer and very competitive - don't expect any help if he's playing against you!




Chris Manson (Team Leader) - Chris joined us many years ago having moved from a fellow tree company ( our loss is their gain.....or something like that ) 

Chris started life as a Forester but has migrated from the dark side to also climb trees.  It's not a pretty sight and we recommend that small children and pets are kept inside if he ever dons his harness.   We hope that he'll stay with us at least until his hair grows back.

Kieran (Kez) Bates ( Lead Climber & Groundsman ) 

Kez joined us in 2014 and quickly established a reputation as a capable climber.  He does have a bit of a rowdy streak and is a paint ball officianado, liking nothing better that going off for the weekend to a paintball war.

He is known as the pale white knight due to his transparent complexion which can make him almost invisible to the naked eye whilst in a tree.

Kez has recently acquired a Lexus to which he has added a race exhaust - there's no need to tell him to go to Kwik Fit - it's meant to sound like that.



Craig (XP) Compton (Groundsman) - Craig had done a variety of jobs in the past and joined TreeMenders in order to learn the ropes!

He's developed into an invaluable team member and now has the first two, of many NPTC qualifcations. XP's staple diet for the past 5 years has been pizza - He has, however, got married to his long term girlfriend (Lozza) and has been fed fresh vegetables on more than one occasion!!


Steve Holdstock - (Lead Climber & Groundsman) - Steve is self employed and works with us every Mon,Tue and Wed.  Like Chris, Steve joined us in 2016 from a fellow tree company. Nicknamed "Average" Steve, he has no outstanding qualities or anything we can mock on the website.  He is yet to be convinced of the value of tarpaulins . . . . but there's still time.

He is the only member of the team that can challenge Andrew at squash... he's beaten him once!!




Jez Cox - (Climber and Groundsman)  Jez or Jezza if you prefer, is anonther self employed contractor working every Thu and Fri - so if you're one of the Jezza - "Lovely Ladies" Fan club - make sure you book us for those dates. Jez is actually the tallest man in the tree world.  Whilst many other tree companies send climbers up trees, we simply hand the Jezza some secatures and he does it from the ground.


and last but not least.... Tanya

I studied Horticulture at Sparsholt College of Agriculuture and support the team with company admin and the all important sandwich making!

I also grow numerous plants and flowers in containers to make up displays which we take to festivals, garden parties etc along with the benches and unusual seating that Andrew and Kern create.